how can he slap?

Big News of the Day. Sharad Pawar got slapped by a sadarji. Nothing else is on tv and so a few thoughts.

1. There is a difference between condoning a particular act and accepting that it might be worth considering that the reasons and anger behind such an act are real, regardless of whether they are justified.

2.  The media – especially dear Miss Nidhi – is not able to grasp this rather grammatically clear and logically sound sentence.  She is either having a  slow day or a cosy day with some big babu.

3. The media also seems to think that an analogy can be made between group violence ’ terrorism’ and a slap by a single man. They call him an ‘attacker’.

4. When did Anna Hazare become such a hero? Perhaps AB Sr. needs to put Anna on speed dial for the KBC ‘phone a friend’ option.

5. Mr. Mora clearly is not interested in sticking to the issue. For him, its a problem of violence – the good father even mentioned his daughter.  He also, like Nidhi, is either slow or cosy. Nidhi, I understand, its a larger media problem; Mora, as an editor of a journal, you say.

6. Seems more like a security/bodyguard problem. Rajdeep might disagree – he asks whether the anti-neta sentiment is getting to dangerous levels. Danger is subjective, sure. But surely we would know with some degree of certainty if we were faced with danger.

7. Rajdeep, you look smarter than you are. To say that there is a need to appreciate peoples’ emotions does not mean that one also implicitly legitimates the slap. Raju seems most worried about the “movement spiralling out of control.” He got the FEAAR. Or, just nothing else to say. How else did we get from a slap to a “culture of violence”?  ”I worry that the line between democracy and anarchy can be very thin”. Raju, you just keep getting better and better.

8. What about when our babus through cheears in parliament?

9. Ha, who would have thought my first blog post would be about slaps. Jai Hind.

10. Shoe-attacks ( shoes are the new drones) apparently have been terrorizing our babus all year round. Or so Raju, Nidhi and the rest of their friends tell us. But, look at the incidents, most have been by party karamchari’s unhappy with an internal party decision. Not quite the grievance of the common man.

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