an email about syria

this is a copy of an email that my housemate received from a jordanian friend.

” I am extremely pissed off at whats going on in the middle east… and I am more pissed off at all of this propaganda that is coming with it.

Yes this might come as a shock to you, I am pro- Assad. Not because I endorse a violent single party regime, but because I think it is important that we understand the conflict for what it really is as opposed to what western media wants us to think it is.

A second Lebanon anyone? This is not about a bunch of protesters who want a better way of life (as the case was in Tunisia) This is a bit bigger than that… this is a war between Saudi arabia and iran. Syria is just the battle field… and what a better time to destroy the regime than now…when the destruction can hide behind a mask of “The Arab Spring”

Do you know what would happen the moment he falls? Muslim fucking brotherhood supported by the wahabis, yet another minority…. if the fall would change this into a true democracy then fine so be it… but it wont, the forces are not from within, and what will be produced next in yet another single party regime, a wahabi regime that would too put women like “Razan the blogger” and the likes behind bars for driving! Wake up people…

yes i know, hizib allah…. i know iran.. but you know what, sometimes we have to make do with the lessor of both evils.


Simple, this  blogger discusses sectarianism and arab identity and clearly knows nothing about it. Arab identity does not exist, and we will not wake up one day and all feel it because we thought about it… it will take years, an economic revolution, and the fall of the wahabis and erosion of the muslim brotherhood for anyone to even start growing in that direction…

So for what this rant is worth, I hope they do let her out of prison, just because I dont endorse torture… but she is just another stupid woman who takes middle eastern politics at face value… as though it was ever just that…

shame on us for being so forgetful… hasnt the war in lebanon taught us anything? And Iraq??’

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