public opinion in syria

An older blog entry about Syria essentially argued, to quote the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, ‘ dont just do something, stand there’.  An article in The Guardian this week provides further support to my argument.

The key finding was that while most Arabs outside Syria feel the president should resign, attitudes in the country are different. Some 55% of Syrians want Assad to stay, motivated by fear of civil war – a spectre that is not theoretical as it is for those who live outside Syria’s borders. What is less good news for the Assad regime is that the poll also found that half the Syrians who accept him staying in power believe he must usher in free elections in the near future

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Whats surprising then is how the situation in Syria continues to be reported by western media. The question of what the Syrian public wants is mostly absent from commentary. Rather, the discussion continues as if they simply do not exist; instead, they only seem to discuss the western options in dealing with syria. For example, today’s Washington Post lead on Syria reads,

 Growing indications that a deeply divided international community is either unable or unwilling to intervene to halt the violence in Syria are fueling an armed rebellion that risks plunging the country, and perhaps the region, into a wider war. ( read article here)

Look at how the sentence is constructed. It seems as if the lack of international involvement is causing a war in Syria/ the wider region. The focus is on the international community, not on Syria.

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