India: Non-Alignment 2.0

NonAlignment 2.0, a recent report authored by some of the stars of India’s strategic affairs community. It outlines a foreign and strategic policy for India in the 21st century, identifying the basic principles and drivers that would make the country a leading player on the world stage while preserving its strategic autonomy and value system.

India’s big challenge will be to aim at not just being powerful but to set new standards for what the powerful must do, because in international relations, “idealism not backed by power can be self-defeating and power not backed by the power of ideas can be blind.” India’s legitimacy in the world will come from its ability to stand for the highest human and universal values and at the global level, “India must remain true to its aspiration of creating a new and alternative universality.”

Its approach must be to secure the maximum space possible for its own economic growth in order for the country to become reasonably prosperous and equitable. Although India’s competitors will put roadblocks in its path, “the foundations of India’s success will depend on its developmental model.”

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  1. sheerazkhan

    report is well drafted

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